Pastor Chris Peponis 5335 Clemons Road    East Ridge, TN. 37412     Phone: 423-894-8080 The Friend  tha t is  closer tha n a  b ro ther.
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Hello, My name is Pastor Chris Peponis. Here at Fellowship Baptist, it is our joy to minister and to serve the people of East Ridge, Tennesse and its surrounding communities in North Georgia.

Every believer should have a church home, and every sinner (friend, that includes all of us) should know how much Jesus Christ loves them.  If you are looking for a place to worship and to serve Jesus Christ, or if you are looking for spiritual help, continue to browse through our site or drop in and visit us this Sunday morning at 9:45!  


  May the Lord Bless you,

                                                                               Pastor Chris

Fellowship Baptist Church…A place to call home!

Good News…Streaming Audio is back online! We have decided to use as the church’s audio sermon provider. Click on the following link to start listening:

Happening in November @ Fellowship. Click Here.