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The Opportunity of Faith Promise Missions Giving!

Are you missing the blessing of giving toward world evangelism? Have you experienced the joy of realizing that churches are being planted and people are hearing the message of the gospel because of your gift to missions?

Do you ever wonder what happens to your missionary offering once it has been given?

Have you ever asked yourself questions like, “Who actually receives my missions money?” Or, “Does all the money designated for missionary efforts actually go toward those efforts?”

Here at Fellowship, we participate in a church wide missions program called Faith Promise Missions. Each missionary that is sponsored by our church has visited our church personally, and has presented their ministry to our people. If we take a missionary on for support, our church sends the designated amount to the missionary each month.

No monies designated toward missions are ever used for any other purpose. What’s given for missions goes to missions, no skimming for other uses. Each month, the church has a business meeting for the purpose of reading the monthly financial report. Each member in attendance is given a copy of the report, which is also read aloud from the pulpit. At Fellowship, all of our finances are completely transparent.

All our missionaries are required to stay in communication with our church through a quarterly prayer letter. These letters are read from the pulpit by the pastor each Wednesday night, prior to our Bible Study. Currently, we support over 77 missionaries and several missionary help organizations.

Our annual missions conference is the time when as a church, we decide what the Lord would have each of us do individually during the upcoming year for missions. Individually, we trust God to help us reach our goal. At Fellowship, the Faith Promise Missions program is not a pledge! No one will ever knock on your door or send you a letter asking for your missions offering. This is a personal matter of obedience between you and…   

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