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Our Missionaries

Gary and Kathy Ashley-Puerto Rico

David and McKenzie Ballinger-West Indies

Randy and Rose Barnes-Montana

Phillip and Lori Bassham-Thailand

Frank and Cookie Caceres-Hispanics

Stefan and Sandra Calin-Romania

Josh and Sarah Campbell-Quebec

Sean and Suzanne Canavan-India

Pat and Mary Cassidy-Malawi

Mark and Amy Coffey-South Africa

Richard and Patty Comer-Central America

Doug and Elly Cooper-Truth for Today Baptist Missions

Shawn and Lydia Corbin-Spain

Joe and Joyce Davis-West Africa

Andrew and Jennifer Day-Ireland

James and Cassie Dean-Siberia

Jay and Janet Dempsey-Vancouver Island

Frank Denisi-Philippines

Dan and Kathy Eberly-Ireland

David and Donna Edens-Niger

Wayne and Susane Fair-Papua New Guinea

Daniel and Megan Fetter-Micronesia

Niels and Gwendolyn Gade-Papua New Guinea

Harry and Sally Ganga-Trinidad

David and Katie Gardner-Peru

Wes and Rachel Gazaway-Egypt

Mark and Katie Gerrison-Colombia

Bryan and Teena Girard-Papua New Britain

Bill and Angela Goins-Printing Ministry

Jeff Gross-Thailand

Jeremy and Rebekah Hall-South Africa

Mark and Michelle Harwood-Alberta

Edward and Carole Hembree-Romania

Tony and Sarah Henderson-Libia

Maxine Henson-Truth for Today Baptist Missions

James and Beverly Hoffmeister-Trinidad

Jamie and Csilla Homan-Italy

Roger and Elizabeth Hopgood-Military

Alan and Dema Johnson-Wings Bearing Precious Seed

Beth Johnson-Morocco

Danny and Missy Kessler-Bulgaria

Casey and Sarah Kline-Ukraine

Mike and Re’nita Lyons-IBJM

Bob and Jennifer Larson-Church Planting

Forrest and Betsy LaRue-Crow Nation, Montana

Craig and Nita Ledbetter-Ireland

Damon and Lisa Matacchiero-Zambia

Jerold and Karen Myers-South Africa

Daniel and Christina Norton-Italy

Matt and Diane Olsen-U.S. Military, Italy

Alberto and Ashley Puente-Spain

Phillip and Sarah Pritchard-West Africa

Don and Carla Rich-Peru

Manny and Maria Rodriguez-Puerto Rico

Harman and Billie Jo Rutledge-Thailand

Jacob and Heather Shaver-Mexico

Ethan and Beth Shields-Mexico

Rudy and Cyndie Stembridge-Word for the World

Joshua and Denise Stokes-Spain

Terry and Linda Thrum-Papua New Guinea

James and Michelle Trotter-Anchored in the Rock Jail Ministry

Jim and Kim Van Voltenberg-Scotland

David and Favianna Velasquez-Spain

Greg and Linda Waller-Medical Missions

Jonathan and Christina Wall-Haiti

Chris and Sherry Waye-England

John and Sarah Weldon-Moldova

Joshua and Maria Wesley-Jamaica

Angie Wheat-Australia

Supported Ministries

BEAMS- Bibles

Calvary Stand Baptist Printing Ministry

Christian Law Association

Gideon’s Bibles

Lighthouse Children’s Homes

Romanian Orphanage

Truth for Today Baptist Missions

Word for the World Baptist Missions

The Fundamental Top 500